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Avagam guides individuals and teams to find ways to test and refine their social innovation ideas. We combine practical advice with inter-disciplinary thinking to make the most of the time and resources available to you.

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(noun, compass, direction)

We use a mix of systems-thinking, design-thinking, product management and data orientation to consult and capacity-build teams and organisations to strengthen their social innovation implementations.

Do you have an idea that can create lasting social change? Leave us a hello!

With the Right Experiments, Great Things Can Happen

We strongly believe in the power of

Generates valuable data that enables one to make informed decisions on how to scale the idea

Puts the idea to the test

Helps one narrow down the problem statement clearly, and discover whether it indeed needs solving​

Provides insight into the nitty gritty of what it takes to manifest an idea on the ground  

Our expertise

We partner with and serve teams, organisations providing an innovative mix of advisory, capacity-building and research services. We have expertise in the below areas

Systems Thinking

Product Management

Service Design

Program Implementation

Who we work with

Organisations, institutions, incubators and philanthropists

 To build a strong innovation pipeline through their team, volunteers, fellows or students. 

We offer support at all phases from ideation, implementation to incubation. 

Teams and Individuals

We work with individuals and teams to help them pilot their ideas. We closely support with problem identification, needs analysis, solution design, prototyping, monitoring and establishing. 

Our work so far

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